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Omni-Y is a solution specifically deveolped for the process automation. It’s based on a modular platform, which guarantees an high production flexibility thanks to quick changeovers.

The use of anthropomorphic robots, universal feeding systems, plug & play equipment and “user friendly” software for the easy creation of recipes, make Omni-Y easily adaptable to a large amount of production needs.


OMNI-Y advantages against customized solutions

The Machine

The high flexibility of Omni-Y is provided, as mentioned above, by the combination of four fundamental elements:

The 6 degrees of freedom movements of the anthropomorphic robot make it the perfect solution for those applications where the manipulation of objects must be very variable and obviously precise. The anthropomorphic robot is the automaton with the greatest ability to imitate certain characteristics of the operator and therefore, to adapt easily (once instructed) to repeatedly and accurately perform operations like gripping, manipulation and assembly of components.

Automatic and universal feeding systems associated with visual recognition systems, constitute a fundamental solution for the versatile manipulation of a wide range of components subjected to frequent production changes

“Plug-in” application equipment that communicate intelligently with the machine. All the application equipment are therefore easily replaceable.

Esa-Nex equips the machine with an HMI that allows the easy programming of all recipes.

Where required, Esa-Nex can equip the machine with Artificial Intelligence that allows it to learn and continuously improve productivity.

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