"A brilliant solution is always an elegant solution"

Esa-Nex arises from the need to evolve the previous company in order to face the new challenges imposed by this era of strong change.

The etymology of its name comes from the combination of two terms: The term “esa” which indicates the six skills we have in

  • electrical engineering
  • electronics
  • automation
  • mechanics
  • process
  • machine security

and the term “nex” which is the logical link between the six disciplines.

The logo symbolizes the space-time tunnel that links present and future.

Logo esa-nex blu



Multifaceted entrepreneur and eclectic designer, skilled in various technological fields

Manager particularly expert in the management of complex change & transformation projects

Lecturer at the University of Pisa (Engineering Faculty) and consultant to support startups on both Processes and Company Strategies

Top Executive in large industrial groups with strong experience in starting up new businesses.